Advanced Settings for Cable Paths

Use advanced settings to specify the sampling point density, mesh refinement close to cable terminals and the cable cross section orientation along the cable path.

On the Cables tab, in the Definitions group, click the  Cable Path icon. The advanced settings are available on the Advanced tab.
Figure 1. The Create Cable Path dialog (Advanced tab).

Sampling Point Density

Each cable path is subdivided into segments to compute the induced currents and voltages. At the centroid of each segment, the electric field strength and magnetic field strength are evaluated. You can specify the segment length to influence the accuracy of the computed results.
Automatic determination
This option allows CADFEKO to determine the segment lengths.
Specify maximum separation distance
This option allows you to specify the segment lengths.

Mesh Size

Refine mesh close to cable terminals
This option enables automatic mesh refinement near cable terminals.

Cable Reference Direction

Select the Cable reference direction check box to manually orientate the cable cross section along a cable path. Enter the following fields to change the orientation.

U, V and N
Specify the U coordinate, V coordinate and N coordinate at the start of the cable path for the cable reference direction.
Twist angle
Enter the angle at the cable path end to twist the cable cross section along the path (in degrees).

The Cable reference direction may not be parallel to the first cable path segment.

Export Cable Parameters

Export cable parameters to *.out file
This option exports the cable parameters such as inductance/capacitance matrices and transfer impedance/admittance to the .out file.