Using the MCC Input block

Block Category: Real Time

Description: The MCC Input block defines the base address and channel number to which the pulse width modulated waveform is sent.

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

Board: Selects the installed Measurement Computing board. Text that describes the board will appear to the right.

Channel: Indicates the analog, digital, or counter channel. For each 8255 unit, channels 0 – 7 correspond to Port A; channels 8 – 15 correspond to Port B; channels 16 – 23 correspond to Port C. Note that multiple digital devices are treated like one large device. Thus, digital channel 24 corresponds to Port A bit 0 on the second 8255 digital device.

Ground: Indicates whether the I/O board is single-ended (that is, single ground for all channels) or differential (that is, floating ground). If you choose differential, the channel count is adjusted to reflect the channel type.

Name: Specifies a unique name for your MCC Input block

Range: Indicates the voltage range for the I/O board.

Type: Indicates whether the board is analog, digital, or counter channels. The channel count is adjusted to reflect the channel type.