Using the Lookup Table wizard

You can use the Lookup Table wizard to create or change a look-up table.

To create a look-up table with the Lookup Table wizard

1.    Choose Tools > Import > Lookup Table.

2.    In the Get Data dialog, under Lookup table data, enter the name of the map file to be used as input, or select one with Select Data File.

3.    Click Next, or press ENTER.

4.    In the Interpolation/Extrapolation dialog under Interpolation Settings, make the desired selections.

      Interpolation: Lets dependent variables be linearly interpolated for independent variable values between data points.

      Extrapolation: Lets dependent variables be linearly extrapolated for values beyond the bounds of the table using the last two data points in the table.

5.    Click Next, or press ENTER.

6.    In the Dimensions dialog, choose the dimensionality of the map file.

7.    Click Next, or press ENTER.

8.    In the Create Map Block dialog, click Finish, or press ENTER.

Embed displays the current block diagram. Attached to the pointer is a dashed rectangle representing the newly created map block.

9.    Click to insert the map block in your diagram.