UDP Write block

Block Category: Real-Time


      tx: Must have a value of 1 for the block to send data.

      data: The values presented to the date connector are sent to the UDP port.

Description: The UDP Write block writes data to the UDP port on the Ethernet.

Troubleshooting: A firewall may prevent access to certain ports, prevent network access for newly installed unknown applications, or prevent access to UDP on public networks. Contact your IT department to get such issues resolved.

Data Element Type: Controls the data type of each output connector and the offset into packet.

Data Pins: Specifies the number of input connectors (128 max).

Host Name or IP Address: Specifies the IP address or host name of the target.

Packet Byte Size: Specifies the size of the packet to be written (512 bytes max).

Pack Offsets: Iterates over all connectors and assigns consecutive ascending offsets to each connector.

Set All Pin Types = 1: Sets the data type of all connectors to be same as connector 1, and then performs a Pack Offset.

UDP Port: Specifies the port to exchange data. It is recommended to use ports greater than 49151.