The Save As Metafile command

One of the most common image file formats for the PC is the Windows Metafile Format (WMF). WMF files are vector files that yield high clarity and resolution when printed on high resolution devices.

You use File > Save As Metafile to save the current level of the diagram as a WMF file. Embed strips away common window elements (including title bars, menu bars, and scroll bars) in the saved file. You should also keep in mind that the WMF file is a picture of the diagram; therefore, none of the diagram information is preserved. A WMF file can be inserted into any application that recognizes this file format.

When Embed saves a diagram as a WMF file, it uses the number of colors available for your monitor. In general, you can use the generated WMF file in any application that recognizes this file format; however, in some cases, if you have set the size of your monitor’s color palette to greater than 256 colors, you may experience trouble printing or displaying the WMF file from the other application. In the unlikely event that this occurs, change the size of you color palette to 256 colors and resave the diagram.