Creates channel(s) to measure strain.

Additional Information: Refer to the National Instruments NI-DAQmx C documentation.


Bridge Configuration: Indicates the configuration for stain gage bridge

Excitation Source: Indicates the source of the excitation.

Excitation Value: Indicates the amount of excitation, in amperes, that the sensor requires.

Gage Factor: Indicates the sensitivity of the strain gages and relates the change in electrical resistance to the change in strain.

Initial Bridge Voltage: Indicates the bridge output voltage in the unloaded condition.

Lead Wire Resistance: Indicates the amount, in ohms, of resistance in the lead wires. Ideally, this value is the same for all leads.

Maximum Value: Indicates the maximum value you expect to measure.

Minimum Value: Indicates the minimum value you expect to measure.

Nominal Gage Resistance: Indicates the resistance, in ohms, of the gages in an unstrained position.

Poisson Ratio: Indicates the ratio of lateral strain to axial strain in the material in which you measure strain.