Starting Embed from an MS-DOS shell

You can alternatively start Embed with command line arguments in an MS-DOS shell. Starting Embed from an MS-DOS shell provides these capabilities:

      You can invoke Embed from another application

      You can run Embed in the background

To start Embed from an MS-DOS shell prompt

1.    Start an MS- DOS shell.

2.    Navigate to the Embed install directory.

3.    Start Embed by entering one of the following commands:

Embed-install-directory vissim32 –arg1 -arg2 -arg3… [path-to-block-diagram.vsm]

Embed-install-directory vissim64 –arg1 -arg2 -arg3… [path-to-block-diagram.vsm]

If you enter more than one argument, separate them with spaces. If a diagram name is included in the argument list, it must be specified last.