Setting up block diagram pages

File > Page Setup lets you set properties associated with the printed and previewed page of your diagram. As you choose options, a sample of your selections is displayed in the dialog.

Fit diagrams to page: Prints each level of the diagram on a separate page, and when necessary, reduces diagram text so the level fits on a single page.

Header and Footer: Creates headers and footers. To view headers and footers, you must be in Print Preview mode. You can also specify fields to insert information into a header or footer. To access the fields, click the RIGHT ARROW in Header or Footer and select one or more fields from the following:

Block path






File name


File path


Integration method


Left justify




Page number




Right justify


Step size



Margins: Specifies the distance between diagram elements and the edge of the page. Embed does not display margins unless you have activated Edit > Preferences > Show Printable Area. When activated, margins appear as blue non-printing lines.

Orientation: Specifies Portrait or Landscape printing mode.

Paper: Specifies the paper size and source.

Tile printed pages for large diagrams: Prints each level using as many pages as necessary to print it without resizing. The margin settings are honored for each page.