Selecting the item from the server

To select an item from the server

1.    Right-click the OPC Read or OPC Write block.

2.    In the Properties dialog, under Items, click  Add%20symbol .

The following dialog appears when a connection to the server is established:

3.    View the selected items in the Selected Items window.

4.    Use the lower left window to browse the server structure, or enter the item name in Type in Item’s Name… and click Add.

The lower right window displays items.

5.    Use Branch Filter, Leaf Filter, and Data Type Filter to narrow the list of names to browse. Most servers support the wildcard (*) character for displaying all names.

6.    Activate Validate Item Before Adding To The Group to check the selected item for validity.

7.    Click Add to add items to the list of selected items.

8.    Click OK, or press ENTER.