Resources to get you started


How to access it

Online forum

Embed has an active online community forum where you can post questions, get answers, and promote conversations with other Embed users.

How-to tutorials

The Embed Common Tasks Tutorial is a compilation of common simulation and code generation tasks to get you started learning and improving your Embed skills. This tutorial is supplied with your Embed software; you can also download it from the Altair Documentation Center.


The Embed video repository contains a growing collection of videos that offer quick and easy ways to learn basic concepts in Embed. Each video focuses on a specific Embed feature. If you are a new Embed user, a good video to start with is Introduction to Altair Embed.

Online and local help

Embed provides both online and local Help. By default, Embed is installed with online Help; local Help is an optional, separate installation that you can download from Altair Marketplace. You can switch between online and local Help with the Help > Set Help Source command. Embed uses your current Browser when displaying Help.

There are three versions of Embed software — Embed Pro, Embed SE, and Embed Personal. Help is available for all three versions, and for simplicity, Help always refers to the product as Embed, regardless of the version you are using. Features that do not apply to a specific version are properly noted.

Example diagrams

Embed software includes hundreds of fully documented example diagrams. These diagrams illustrate both simple and complex models spanning a broad range of engineering disciplines, including aerospace, biophysics, chemical engineering, control design, dynamic systems, electromechanical systems, environmental systems, HVAC, motion control, process control, and signal processing. These diagrams are located under the Examples menu.

Technical support

Send an email to and include the following:

      Brief description of your issue

      Block diagram in question

      vissim.ini file

      Software version