Replacing blocks and text in multiple diagrams

When you choose Edit > Find and Replace > Replace in Diagrams, Embed displays a dialog to specify the block or text string you want to replace and the directories in which to search for it.

To replace a block or text string with the Replace in Diagrams command

1.    Choose Edit > Find and Replace > Replace in Diagrams (CTRL+SHIFT+H).

2.    In the Replace in Diagrams dialog, do the following:

a.    In the Find What box, enter the search item to be replaced.

b.    In the Look In box:

i.  To choose a specific directory to search, click to select it.

ii. If want to search the subdirectories of the current directory, activate Include Subdirectories.

c.     Select the options to refine the search item to be replaced.



Match Whole Word

Finds blocks and text with whole words that match the search item.

Match Case

Finds blocks and text that exactly match the uppercase and lowercase of the search item.

Use Regular Expressions

Creates sophisticated search criteria using special symbols for the search item. For example, the backslash character (\) indicates that the character that follows it is either a special character or should be interpreted literally.


3.    Choose Replace All. This operation cannot be automatically undone.

To cancel a search or close the dialog, choose Cancel.