Replacing blocks

You use Edit > Replace to replace the names of the blocks you find. You specify entries in the Replace dialog in the same way that you do in the Find dialog.


To replace a block

1.    Choose Edit > Replace (CTRL+H).

2.    In the Find What box, enter the search item.

3.    Select the option you want to control the search.



Find whole words and not parts of words

Match Whole Word Only

Find item with same capitalization as the word in the Find What box

Match Case

Find variable block names

Match Variables Only

Find only the defining instance of a variable; that is, the variable block with an input connection

Match Variables Definition Only

4.    In the Replace With box, enter the item to replace the search item.

5.    Choose Find Next. When Embed finds a match, it highlights the block in black.

6.    Select the action you want performed:

      Replace: Replaces the block name and finds the next occurrence.

      Replace All: Changes all occurrences of block name without confirmation.

      Find Next: Leaves the block name unchanged and finds the next occurrence.

To cancel a search or close the dialog, choose Cancel.