PWM-Single Phase

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      modulation%: Indicates the percentage of carrier frequency cycle in which pulse is active (high) from 0 – 100%.

      carrier_freq: Indicates the base frequency of modulation carrier signal.


      output: Indicates the pulse width modulated output scaled 0 – 1.

Description: The PWM-Single Phase block provides a pulse width modulated signal based on the input carrier frequency and % modulation.


Diagram name: PWM Single Phase

Location: Examples > eDrives > eMotors (Legacy) > Brush DC

In this example, the PID Controller (Digital) block is configured as PI and saturation limits are set for 0 – 100 for anti-windup control with the PWM logic. A modulation frequency is chosen at 3000 Hz, and the gain of 250 represents voltage switching at 250 V, controlled by the PWM. Velocity is measured from the load using a tachometer and fed back to the PI compensator.