Gauge meter


Style: Switches between bar and gauge display.


Color Zones: The rim of the gauge can be divided into up to five zones. For each zone, you can define the range of the zone and the color of the zone.

Dial Color: Indicates the color of the dial. You can control the transparency and gloss reflection.

Dial Transparency/Glossy Reflection: Controls the transparency and reflection of the dial color.

Fancy Pointer: Uses a 3D pointer.

Foreground Color: Specifies the color of the tick marks, submeter title, and start/end values.

Major/Minor Divisions: Indicates the number of major tick marks on the gauge and the number of minor tick marks between major ticks.

Start/Stop Angle: Indicates the position on the gauge where the start and stop values appear. Values are specified in degrees and are calculated in a clockwise direction. 0 degrees is at 3 o’clock on the gauge.

Start/Stop Value: Indicates the lower and upper limit of the range of values.

Submeter #: Indicates the meter whose characteristics are to be edited.

Title: Indicates a title for the specified meter. The title appears below the center of the gauge.

Text Labels: When activated, overwrites the Start and Stop values with the text specified in the Start and End boxes.

Window Title: Indicates a title for the meter block. The default is Meter.