Designing the volts/frequency controller for the motor

In this step, use a PID Controller-Digital block and a Square Wave Inverter-3 Phase block to design the volts/frequency controller for the motor.

After placing the blocks in your diagram, encapsulate them in a compound block using Edit > Create Compound Block. Name the compound block Volts/Hz Controller.


This block design requires only two inputs and three outputs. By default, when you create a compound block, Embed creates outputs for all the blocks contained in the compound, which may not be appropriate. In this case, you must remove two inputs and one output using Edit > Remove Connector.

Label the input and output connectors as shown below:  


Drill into Volts/Hz Controller and remove all unneeded wire connections within the compound by clicking, holding and dragging the wires with the left mouse button to an open space and releasing the button.