Strip Chart Axes tab

Axis Divisions

Fixed Tick Count: Overrides the strip chart’s grid tick division.

X Division and Y Division: Specifies the number of grid ticks on each axis.

Displayed Time: Indicates the number of units to be displayed in the strip chart window at any given time. The default is ¼ of the total simulation time.

Scroll Back Interval: Indicates how much data (in X units) is saved for examination. To conserve memory, keep this value low. To retain more data points, but use more memory, raise this value. The default is the total simulation time.

Time Scaling: Specifies x-axis scaling in microseconds, milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, and days. When you select a different time axis scale, Embed re-calculates the values in X Upper Bound and X Lower Bound.

Y Upper Bound and Y Lower Bound: Specify the upper and lower bounds for the y-axis. These bounds are in effect when you activate the Fixed Bounds parameter.