Block Category: Signal Consumer

Description: The stop block conditionally halts a simulation when the input signal is 1. If Auto Restart is not activated, the simulation stops; if Auto Restart is activated, the simulation stops, Embed increments $runCount, and then starts the next run. When the input value is 2, Embed stops the simulation unconditionally.

Embed always executes one extra step when the stop block causes a simulation to halt, as opposed to a normal simulation end.

You can also insert a message that pops up when the simulation halts.

Include link to this block: Includes a URL to the stop block in the pop-up message. This is useful when there are multiple stop blocks in a diagram or the stop blocks are contained in different hierarchical levels of the diagram.

Pop-Up Message: Specifies a message that pops up on the screen when the simulation stops.



When the input to the stop block is 1, the simulation stops and displays the following message with a link back to the stop block.

Below is how the message appears when the simulation halts: