Block Category: Signal Consumer        

Description: The spectrumDisplay block displays the amplitude of vector elements with a vertical bar for each element. This block is useful for interactive audio power spectrum.

You can change the size or shape of the spectrumDisplay block for better viewing by clicking on the Maximize button in the upper right-hand corner of the spectrumDisplay or by dragging its edges or corners.

Background Color: Assigns a background color to the block.

External Trigger: Determines whether Embed displays simulation data in the block based on the value of an external trigger. When External Trigger is activated, Embed places a round input connector on the spectrumDisplay block. When signal values entering the trigger are 1, simulation data is displayed; when signal values entering the trigger are 0, simulation data are not displayed.


Color: Assigns a color to the grid lines.

Show: When activated, controls the step and color of the grid.

Step: Assigns the grid step.

Lower Limit: Indicates the lowest value that the signal can attain. The default is 0.

Number of Sections: Indicates the number of sections in a bar. You can define the upper end of the section and the color of the section.


Color: Assigns a color to the selected bar section.

Upper End: Indicates the upper end of the section. The section upper end must be provided as a fraction of full scale. A value of 1 corresponds to the Upper Limit value. For example, when the Upper Limit is 100 and the section’s Upper End is 0.6, the actual end is 60.

Smooth Drawing: When activated, increases the picture quality; however, block performance is slower When not activated, increases block performance; however, some flickering may occur in the picture.

Show Peaks: Tracks the peak of each bar.

Upper Limit: Indicates the highest value that the signal can attain. The default is 100.