Running a co-simulation and viewing the results in a Simview graph file

After you link a PSIM schematic to an Embed diagram, you can run a co-simulation and view the results in a Simview graph file. Viewing can occur at the end of the co-simulation or saved for later viewing.

1.    Right-click the PSIMCoupler block.

2.    Under Main, do the following:

a.    Activate Create Graph File and enter a graph file name in the text box. By default, the graph file is stored in binary format in the same directory as the PSIM schematic. You can change the graph file format to TXT using Options > Settings in PSIM.

b.    Activate Run Simview if you want to view the results immediately after the co-simulation completes.

c.     Click OK.

3.    Start the co-simulation.

4.    If this is the first time you run a co-simulation, at the end of the co-simulation, PSIM displays a Properties dialog. Select and add one or more variables to be plotted in Simview and click OK.

5.    Simview opens the graph file with signal traces of the select variables.