PWM-3 Phase

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      Duty[1,2,3](0..1): Three-phase duty cycle input. Typically the controller outputs are modulation  indices (m) , not the duty cycle (d) and the relationship between these two variables is defined as %FontSize=10


      PWM[1,2,3]: The internally generated three-phase PWM output that is used to control the switches of the converter.

      s: A one-time-step long pulse used to trigger the sampling of an ADC model.

      Ts: The sampling period based on the selected number of events and the switching frequency.

Description: The PWM-3 Phase block is used for generating 3-phase PWM signals, with switching included.

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Output Sample On: Sets the moment in the PWM period at which a unit pulse will be generated at the output pin.

PWM Timer Frequency (MHz): Specifies the timer frequency used for PWM generation. This will determine the PWM resolution.

PWM Counter Mode: Selects the counter mode of the PWM generation. Note that up/down count mode halves the switching frequency.

Sample Out On: Specifies the frequency of the sample pulse.

Switching Frequency (kHz): Specifies the required PWM switching frequency.