OPC Read block

Block Category: OPC

Description: The OPC Read block reads data from the OPC server.


Active State: If you do not need to exchange data with the OPC server, you can de-activate this option.

Date Exchange Mode: Lets you choose between synchronous and asynchronous. By default, the date exchange mode is synchronous.

More: Allows you to configure group properties in addition to the Update every x simulation steps and Data Exchange Mode parameters.

Name: Specifies the name of the group on the server.

Status: Provides data exchange status.

Update every x simulation steps: Indicates the update rate.


Date Type: Specifies the data type of the item.

Default Value: Indicates the initial value.

Items to Read: Specifies the names of the items.

Add%20symbol: Adds a name

 Delete%20symbol: Deletes a name

Up%20symbol Down%20symbol: Moves a name

 Edit%20symbol: Edits a name

More: Shows the item properties.

Show Log: Views log events.

Wire Mark: Indicates a label name displayed on the output connector for the block.

Server: Specifies the name of the OPC server to which to connect. Click the DOWN ARROW to select an OPC server.



See the examples under Examples > OPC.