Block Inputs:

enable: Must be 1 in order for the block to read "newVal" and apply it to existing CRC value.

reset: If it goes to 1, the internal CRC value is 0.

newVal: New value to be applied to internal CRC value.

The CRC block performs a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) on the data and compares the resulting checksum with the appended checksum. The CRC block lets you select the CRC method and whether the result is available via an output connector pin.

CRC Output Pin: Indicates current 16-bit CRC value.

CRC Type: Indicates the CRC method. Choose among CCITT, ANSI, and DECT. These methods are described in Wikipedia under Cyclic Redundancy Check.

Initial CRC Value (hex): Indicates initial 16-bit CRC seed.

Polynomial: Indicates polynomial word.

Unit: Each unit maintains an internal CRC buffer. If you need multiple concurrent CRC streams, make sure each one has a unique unit number.