Block Inputs: Real, complex, or fixed-point scalars, or vectors or matrices.

The and block produces the bitwise AND of 2 - 256 scalar input signals.

If you right-click the and block, the Boolean block menu appears allowing you to assign a different function to the block.


1. Three variable and

Consider a variable y such that:

If a ≠ 6 and b > 2.2 and c < 7, then y = cos(t); else y = 0

where t is simulation time. Furthermore, let t be the input to all three parameters a, b, and c. This system can be realized as shown below.

The output of the and block is true only when all the three inputs are true. This happens in the range t = (2.2, 7), except for the instant t = 6. This result is apparent from the top plot block. The variable y is equal to cos(t) in the range t = (2.2, 7). At the instant t = 6, variable a is momentarily false, and consequently, y = 0 at = 6, since the output of the and block evaluates to false at that instant.