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Release Notes

Monarch is a market-leading desktop-based self-service data preparation solution. Monarch connects to multiple data sources including structured and unstructured data, cloud-based data, and big data. Connecting to data, cleansing and manipulating data requires no coding.

Monarch can quickly convert disparate data formats into rows and columns for use in data analytics. Over 80 pre-built data preparation functions mean data preparation tasks can be completed quickly and error free.

Key Features:
  • Ease of use
  • Powerful, efficient self-service data preparation
  • Reduce costs, increase efficiency

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Get Started

Monarch Server comprises three modules. Users can license each module separately or in any combination to streamline their data transformation processes:
  • Automation: Make repetitive processes “hands-free” with scheduled or event-driven data preparation workflows.
  • Report Mining: Empower analysts to access and extract data from cold storage systems without needing to go through IT.
  • Report Warehouse: Create a seamless integration point between text-based reporting and data warehouse initiatives.

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Get Started

Panopticon lets business users, analysts, and engineers — the people closest to the action — build, modify, and deploy sophisticated data visualization and stream processing applications with a drag-and-drop interface.

Key Features:
  • Enterprise class data exploration
  • Code-free development
  • Advanced analysis and complex data visualization
  • Visualize real-time data
  • Build Kafka-enabled stream processing applications
  • Embed visual analytics in any application

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