Trac tickets of package Modelica resolved for version 3.2.1

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Component: --MSL-general-- (44 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#292 Remove empty "Diagram(graphics)" annotations
#408 Replace non-standard annotation by standard annotation attribute `groupImage`
#439 Simulation of Modelica.Utilities.Examples.readRealParameterModel usually fails Simulation of Modelica.Utilities.Examples.readRealParameterModel no longer requires a specific current directory; instead relies on new loadResource function in ModelicaServices.
#457 Garbage in a lot of annotations in MSL 3.2 and MSL 3.1.
#465 Test before the publication of MSL
#513 Illegal tokens in MSL 3.2 Corrected the number format according to the specification.
#518 MSL causes exponential time lookup
#528 Discourage usage of "wildcard imports"
#569 Missing ModelicaStandardLibrary.pdf Removed link to no-longer generated PDF document.
#579 Unknown annotation `Window` present in MSL - remove or specify?
#593 Non-input/parameter expressions for dimensions in function context
#747 Rename `__Dymola_NumberOfIntervals` to `Interval` Converted __Dymola_NumberOfIntervals to Interval
#748 Replace `__Dymola_InlineNoEvent` to the new standard equivalent
#753 Remaining issues in MSL 3.2.1 trunk
#773 All functions w/o own icon should extend from Modelica.Icons.Function
#777 Typos in MSL documentation
#786 Replace `__Dymola_*` by the new standard equivalents
#799 Complete definition of initialisation of executable models
#819 Redundant use of constrainedby
#823 Clean up examples
#838 HTML doc typos
#842 What is the meaning of Evaluate=true in a type definition?
#844 Non-sense annotation numbers
#846 Removal of empty equation sections
#850 Library contains a number of files of unspecified format (.mos) The functionality used in the conversion scripts is described in more detail. Note that conversions are only needed for models using MSL 2 or MSL 1.
#860 Enumeration-Integer comparison
#864 replaceable extension in ObsoleteModelica3
#929 Wrong position of external library annotation
#947 Additional Boolean vector functions, improvement to some existing ones
#955 Import using fully-qualified identifiers
#1007 Optimize png file sizes
#1021 Restructure C-Sources directory so that it is according to Modelica specification
#1058 Wrong Modelica web address
#1096 Redesigned MSL icons.
#1114 Regression testing for MSL 3.2.1
#1124 It's used incorrectly in ComplexMath Incorrect use of "it's" in documentation corrected.
#1132 Release MSL 3.2.1
#1177 Missing function icon inheritance
#1180 Quantities of sensor outputs
#1185 Re-enable the visual identifiaction of obsolete models again
#1203 Parameters in examples do not have a binding equation (only a start value)
#1207 Adapting initialization of pre(vc) values for non-discrete Real variables vc
#1213 Empty vs. generated package documentation
#1223 Use of conditionally enabled components

Component: --TaskForce:Tables-- (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#129 Dymola-specific functions in MSL (Tables and Utilities) Dymola specific C-code (tables) have been replaced by an open source implementation shipped with MSL under Resources\C-Sources
#1103 New open source tables: readTableData relies on appropriate sorting
#1146 New open source tables: minimum number of points needed

Component: Blocks (60 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#76 Problems with tables and external functions in MSL
#338 No cleanup of CombiTimeTable at simulation stop Memory allocated by the Table blocks was not freed after model termination. This has been fixed.
#451 Unspecified realString(y, 1, 0) function still present in annotations inside several libraries.
#472 TimeTable
#529 Add new `RateLimiter` block to MSL
#566 TimeTable error, if first timepoint not zero
#604 Modelica.Blocks.Logical
#628 Proposal for enhancement in Blocks.Tables.CombiTable1D,1Ds,2D and Blocks.Sources.CombiTimeTable New feature of CombiTimeTable block: Optionally, the table values are not interpolated but the hold during the table points
#644 FixedDelay() function issue
#645 Missing order annotation
#676 Blocks.Math.Mean has invalid sample function
#697 Error with using min as component name
#708 typos in Modelica.Blocks.Type doc string
#745 Icon for Greater misleading when flipped
#751 Modelica.Blocks.Continuous.LimIntegrator limitsAtInit implmentation
#759 Block Icons
#772 Duplicated code in Add3?
#774 Modelica.Blocks.Discrete.FirstOrderHold has bugs
#785 URIs in file names
#787 LimIntegrator ignores output limits when gain is negative
#790 Invalid use of pre in Blocks.Logical.TriggeredTrapezoid
#797 ChebyshevI initializes array in a weird way
#824 Modelica.Blocks.MathBoolean.MultiSwitch is overconstrained at initialisation
#826 Array parameters in Modelica.Blocks
#827 if-equation with assert() on one branch in Modelica.Blocks.Nonlinear.Limiter
#835 HTML doc typos in Modelica.Blocks
#857 HTML doc typo in Modelica.Blocks.Sources.CombiTimeTable
#858 Physical quantity of Modelica.Blocks.Sources.CombiTimeTable.t_min and t_max
#859 HTML doc error in Modelica.Blocks.Sources.CombiTimeTable
#865 Multiple equations for pre(x) at initialisation
#900 add and product blocks marked as obsolete but still used all over the place
#935 Modelica.Blocks.Math.RootMeanSquare might fail
#939 Modelica.Blocks.Continuous.LimPID with dangling parameters
#941 Modelica.Blocks.Math.MultiSwitch is overconstrained at initialisation
#943 Unnecessary lower bound duration(min=Modelica.Constants.small)
#963 Blocks.Math.Mean: Order of when-equations relevant => rewrite as algorithm!
#976 Remove reference in doc of the now obsolete ConvertAllUnits
#987 Limiter (and LimPID) does not treat limits literally
#1022 Tables: CombiTimeTable with single row and positive start time
#1028 Tables: CombiTimeTable with spline interpolation and linear extrapolation
#1031 Tables: CombiTimeTable with spline interpolation and periodic extrapolation
#1039 Tables: CombiTimeTable with spline interpolation and borderline slopes
#1067 Evaluation of new OpenSourceTables
#1072 Wrong output of OnDelay, if input is true during initialization Bug fixed in Blocks.MathBoolean.OnDelay (if u=true at initialization, the output y was wrongly set to false for the rest of the time)
#1075 Icon of BooleanStep gives the wrong impression if startValue = true Icon of BooleanStep improved, so that the icon resembles the value of parameter startValue (= false: up step; = true: down step)
#1090 ContinuousDerivative Interpolation of OpenSourceTables is wrong
#1091 How to use usertab.c with New OpenSource Tables
#1098 Add cosine sources to MSL Added new cosine block and voltage sources
#1102 How to include Open Source Tables in MSL
#1110 New open source tables: No caching of tables
#1136 Guard debug-messages with a flag
#1137 CombiTables: Empty table fill(0.0, 0, 2) raises an assertion
#1138 Unused variables in Table functions
#1143 Shallow copying of array in Tables
#1169 initial condition for Modelica.Blocks.Math.Mean
#1174 ModelicaStandardTables: Text files with additional line breaks fail
#1175 Unspecified format of tables text files
#1178 OpenSourceTables: Evaluation of table file name
#1199 Modelica.Blocks.Sources.CombiTimeTable with periodic extrapolation not backward compatible
#1214 Missing documentation of Blocks.Types.Init

Component: C-Sources (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#420 Modelica/Resources/C-Sources does not export symbols
#889 Include error in ModelicaInternal.c
#973 ModelicaUtilities.h misses ModelicaVFormatMessage / ModelicaVFormatError
#1032 Data type of valueStart
#1104 Merging ModelicaInternal.c
#1149 Compiler warnings on win32_dirent.c
#1150 CombiTable1Ds gives different results when multiple instances are used in MSL 3.2.1 beta1
#1151 Locale-specific reading of files in new tables Avoid the locale dependency of string to number conversion in C-Sources
#1155 Binaries in the Modelica Standard Library
#1206 OpenSourceTables: size(...) in external C function

Component: Complex* (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#585 Replace non-standard annotation `__Dymola_Protection(hideFromBrowser=true)`
#663 Complex components re and im should probably be replaceable
#969 Amplitude of variables in Electrical.QuasiStationary library

Component: Constants (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#706 proper definition of Modelica.Constants.small and eps

Component: Electrical.Analog (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#471 Typo in Modelica.Electrical.Analog.OpAmp
#485 Invalid argument to delay in Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Lines.TLine2 and Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Lines.TLine3 The models TLine2 and TLine3 were improved according to the Modelica Specification. The variable TD was changed into a parameter since it only depends on parameters.
#507 Ineffective call to smooth in Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Basic.OpAmp Meaningless smooth operator removed in Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Basic.OpAmp. Smooth() was used on the parameter scope.
#508 Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Examples.HeatingNPN_OrGate relies on special Dymola specific treatement of constants Dymola specific constant handling changed to a more general one. constant Modelica.SIunits.Capacitance CapVal=0; changed to parameter Modelica.SIunits.Capacitance CapVal=0;
#543 Colors are wrong in annotations for Diode models (and maybe Sources too). Wrong colours of icons in Modelica.Electrical.Analog changed
#544 output connection for Electrical Power Sensor is wrong color, badly routed
#717 Thyristor and GTO issues The icon of the ideal GTO model from Electrical.Analog was corrected. The documentation of the IdealThyristor and the IdealGTO models were improved. The example CharacteristicThyristors was improved by adding not regular fire signals to show several cases of usage.
#971 Initialisation fix r5954 breaks backward compatibility.
#1011 Singular transfomer model if L1=L2=M Transformer equations changed to handle the case L1=L2=M. A test model for that case was included into ModelicaTest
#1045 Use equation-section in M_Transformer Variable Lm in model M_Transformer changed into parameter. Functionality of the model moved from algorithm section to equation section.
#1059 Electrical.Lines.Oline_weg is a duplicate of Oline without HeatPort Old models OLine_weg and ULine_weg removed (Electrical.Analog)
#1060 Electrical.Analog.Examples.MUX2x1 and RAM have no documentation Documentation added for MUX2x1 and RAM in Electrical.Digital
#1198 Capacitor symbol is non-standard

Component: Electrical.Digital (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#460 Bad/confusing name of component
#637 References to files in Modelica.Electrical.Digital.Memories file path corrected in Electrical.Digital in order to make memory models work
#703 MSL uses bad relations (enum == integer) Naming of logical values corrected according to specification in Electrical.Digital. Now locial values like L.'O' instead of integers are used.
#817 delayTable in InertialDelaySensitive should either be removed or be constant internal variable delayTable[:,:] removed
#972 Algebraic loop when using Integer(...) Integer(x_delayed) = integer(delay(Integer(x), delayTime)); changed into x_delayed = LogicValues[integer(delay(Integer(pre(x)), delayTime))];in order to avoid an algebraic loop in the models Multiplexer, FlipFlop, FullAdder, Counter3 and Counter from package MSL Electrical.Digital.Examples.
#998 Digital.Multiplexers.MUX2x1 uses each on non-array elements In model Electrical.Digital.Multiplexers.MUX2x1 the keyword each was removed at the instantiation of the variable inertialDelaySensitive since this variable is a scalar.
#999 Wrong type of default value in Electrical.Digital.Sources.Table In Electrical.Digital.Sources.Table an integer value was assigned to an enumeration. This integer was changed into a logical value.
#1001 Integer in array of enumeration in Digital.Examples.RAM Typo corrected in Digital.Examples.RAM. Logical variables had integer values. These were changed to logical ones.
#1016 Error in Electrical.Digital when running Dymola2014 Beta in pedantic mode Setting of initial values revised. Only that array component [n] of the array auxiliary gets an initial value by setting D.Interfaces.Logic auxiliary_n(start=L.'U', each fixed=true); instead of giving the whole array an initial value. This avoids overspecifying of initial value setting.
#1205 Digital.Memories.DLATRAM: "when initial() ..." vs "if initial() ..." in algorithm clause Changed when initial() to if initial() in Modelica.Electrical.Digital.Memories.DLATRAM and Modelica.Electrical.Digital.Memories.DLATROM and changed algorithm section to equation section in Modelica.Electrical.Digital.Sources.Clock

Component: Electrical.Machines (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#568 Modelica.Electrical.Machines.BasicMachines.Components.BasicTransformer has unused signals
#570 PartialBasicMachine not backwards compatible from 3.1 to 3.2
#611 Functions in Modelica.Electrical.Machines.SpacePhasors.Functions use public constants
#642 Weird connect equations present in MSL3.2 and some user models
#872 Electrical.Machines.Sensors do not provide sensible unit but just Real instead
#982 Difference between `CurrentController` and `DqController` not clear from documentation
#983 New components are missing test models
#1003 Bug in propagation of turnsratio in Machines

Component: Electrical.MultiPhase (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#463 Update Multiphase examples with stop time
#1013 phase orientation of multiphase sources is wrong for even number of phases
#1070 activePower not inlined Defined the relationship of the dimensions of the input arguments v and i in the declaration instead of an assert in the algorithm section, to simplify inlining of the function (if a tool supports only inlining of functions with one statement)

Component: Electrical.QuasiStationary (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1089 Parameter m is not propagated correctly Missing propagation of parameter m in Star and Delta of QuasiStationary.MulitPhase.Basic fixed
#1099 Bug fix for default phase angles of quasi stationary multi phase sources Bug fix of default phase angles of quasi stationary multi phase voltage and current sources
#1173 Syntax error in Modelica.Electrical.QuasiStationary.MultiPhase.Sensors.PowerSensor

Component: Electrical.Spice3 (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#607 Error in Q_PNPBJT model in MSL.Electrical.Spice3 Handling of the TBJT parameter in Electrical.Spice3.Q_PNPBJT improved in order to be able to distinguish between Q_PNPBJT and Q_NPNBJT. Setting the TBJT parameter to 1 the model Q_NPNBJT is used, setting it to -1 the Q_PNPBJT model is used.
#715 Unassigned variable in Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Internal.Mos.MosModelLineParams record Given the variable Real m_surfaceStateDensityIsGiven a startvalue because it hasn't had any value before. The variable is obsolete and only part of the library because of backwards compatibility. Anyway it will be removed in the next version with conversion scripts.
#769 New obsoleted models added but why? Improved models in the Spice3 library were added. The old versions of these models cannot be removed because of backwards compatibility.
#770 functions should extend from function icon class
#782 Missing icons for packages, functions and records extends for the icon definitions added
#810 Spice3 connector is unbalanced Unbalanced InductiveCouplePin was split into two connectors. One output connector and one input connector. The former potential variable L is now, depending on the type of connector, either an input variable or an output variable but no potential variable any longer. So the two new connectors are balanced with one potential variable and one flow variable.
#869 Record reference is not constant even though all its members are Record SpiceConstants C changed from a variable to a parameter since all its members are parameters
#930 Undefined protected variable in diodeNoBypassCode function Fixed an Error in Spice3.Internal.Diode.diodeNoBypassCode. Line m_dCurrent := out_cc.m_dCurrent; added because m_dCurrent did not have any value before.
#994 m_capgd not defined in mosCalcNoBypassCode Several function in Electrical.Spice3 did not specify all outputs. This is corrected now. A second issue that was solved is that the record Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Internal.Bjt.bjtRenameParameters contained parameters. now the whole record is a parameter and the keyword parameter inside the record is deleted.

Component: Fluid (39 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#205 Bug in Modelica.Fluid.Examples.IncompressibleFluidNetwork
#233 Division by zero when useLumpedPressure is enabled in pipe model
#247 Inconsistent use of the variable ''vs'' in component DynamicPipe when nParallel > 1
#250 Simple fluid models do not initialize properly
#323 Check usage of regRoot2 throughout the library
#358 incomplete path in Fluid.Examples.HeatExchanger.BaseClass.WallConstProps
#417 Out-commented model "`SpecificInternalEnergy`" in ``
#495 Error in Modelica.Fluid.Utilities.regFun3
#500 dead link
#542 Problem with initialization of Fluid models
#549 missingInnerMessage in Fluids.System is tool-specific.
#562 Missing appropriate min-max attributes in Media implementations
#575 Check of `ControlledPump` fails
#596 Non-visible spliceFunction in Modelica/Fluid/
#627 Non-identical inherited components in Fluid.Fittings
#646 PartialPump uses undefined Medium.saturationProperty
#649 PartialTwoPhaseMedium redeclares functions with wrong input dimensions
#680 Simulation of Modelica.Fluid.Examples.HeatingSystem fails
#693 Modelica.Fluid.Valves.ValveIncompressible and regRoot2
#722 Replace obsoleted model `DynamicPipe` by alternatives via conversion script
#736 Use of m_flow_small, m_flow_turbulent and dp_small
#737 replicated code in Sensor package (for m_flow_small)
#739 MassFlowSource_T with 2 ports does not balance flow among port[1]+port[2]
#741 Heat exchanger example invalid
#754 Out-commented classes present
#836 Undefined annotation choicesAllMatching still appears in a few places Corrected the name of tool vendor annotation.
#848 regFun3 does not always define its outputs
#852 Modelica.Fluid.Examples.AST_BatchPlant.BaseClasses.TriggeredTrapezoid is duplicate, unused & invalid
#912 Typing issues for HeatExchangerSimulation via Modelica.Fluid.Examples.HeatExchanger.BaseClasses.BasicHX
#916 Remove non-standard annotation `editButton`
#936 Provide docu and examples for PipeOnePhaseHT and PipeTwoPhaseHT
#948 Absolute sensors assign potentially invalid values to port variables
#953 Missing inner stateGraphRoot in Modelica.Fluid.Examples.ControlledTankSystem.ControlledTanks
#974 Errors in homotopy implementations in MSL 3.2.1
#989 Revert to assert function rather than use of blunt print statements
#1068 Illegal uses of conditional components in Fluid.Vessels PartialLumpedVessel: Made the conditional component VesselPortsData non-conditional and instead set the size of this array to zero, incase use_portsData is false
#1112 MoistAir: Temperature validity range seems to be wrong
#1168 unexpected warning from "Modelica.Fluid.Examples.TraceSubstances.RoomCO2"
#1222 ModelicaTest.Fluid.TestComponents.Vessels.TestInitialization does not initialize

Component: Fluid.Dissipation (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#330 import statement not resolve in annotation
#498 Wrong type in record dp_twoPhaseOverall_IN_con
#501 Inconsistency in function TwoPhaseDensity()
#502 Unit in FluidDissipation correlation
#679 function inheritance from non-function
#718 Illegal characters in Modelica/Fluid/
#793 Failure in dialog annotation of record Geometry Fixed typo in dialog annotation name of record Geometry
#904 Missing h in documentation of dp_curvedOverall
#914 Momentum pressure loss for two phase fluids Calculation of momentum pressure loss for two phase fluids corrected.
#996 function kc_overall has undefined output
#1135 spelling of Prandtl in Fluid.Dissipation Fixed a typo in the name "Prandtl".
#1188 Discontinues v_smooth in dp_edgedOverall_MFLOW
#1212 FluidDissipation in Modelica.Fluid.Dissipation

Component: Icons (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1191 Wrong prefix for TypeComplex and SignalBus

Component: Magnetic.FluxTubes (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#525 Type for MagneticPort potential could be better
#584 Parameters declared as variables
#942 Modelica.Magnetic.FluxTubes.Examples.SolenoidActuator.ComparisonQuasiStationary is overconstrained at initialisation

Component: Magnetic.FundamentalWave (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#589 Bug in calculation of core conductance in FundamentalWave library Calculation of core conductance in FundamentalWave corrected.
#881 Salient record needs to have replaceable components
#990 Extend FundamentalWave library to phase numbers greater than three
#1107 HTML errors in FundamentalWave
#1129 SinglePhaseInductance/MultiPhaseInductance: Missing initial conditions
#1216 TpmOperational in Modelica.Magnetic.FundamentalWave.BasicMachines.SynchronousInductionMachines.SM_PermanentMagnet
#1226 FundamentalWave: orientation of rotor currents

Component: Math (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#550 Strange description string for Modelica.Math.Vectors.length
#582 Wrong annotation for visibility feature used
#629 Error in documentation for Modelica.Math.atan3?
#636 Not all Math functions are derived from Function icon
#678 Blocks.Math.RectifiedMean: typo in annotation
#719 Library annotations in LAPACK
#801 Type errors in function realSchur
#918 Bug in calculating eigenvectors with "eigenValues/dgeev"
#928 Bug in calling dgeevx from LAPACK
#931 Unnecessary declarations of builtin functions as external C libraries in Math
#960 Undefined type used within annotation for LAPACK function / Inefficiencies
#970 Doc example of Matrices.solve2
#1004 Test an Integer whether it is a power of 2

Component: Mechanics.MultiBody (33 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#130 Small typo in: Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Sensors
#242 Missing each qualifier for modifiers in MultiBody. Added missing each-prefixes to modifications
#255 Error in Revolute's handling of non-normalized axis of rotations
#400 Should MultiBody.Types.Color be an Integer[3] or Real[3]?
#509 fullRobot animation
#510 fullRobot animation
#511 scalarToColor algorithm fails
#517 Dialog annotation of colors in Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody
#534 MultiBody UsersGuide
#572 Support URI in the shapeType definition
#583 Misplaced `min=` argument in annoation section
#653 Images of `Mechanics` documentation are not stored according to the convention.
#674 HTML tag error in Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Joints
#675 HTML doc typos in Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody
#749 Unexpected selection of time states when using Rotor1D
#781 Regarding quantity="Position" in MSL
#803 GravityTypes referred to as Integer
#804 Duplicate modifier in ConstrainUniversalJoint
#820 Syntax error in Modelica/Mechanics/MultiBody/
#845 Superfluous multiple inheritance in Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Visualizers.Advanced.Shape
#875 Physical quantity "Angles" nowhere defined
#911 Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Frames.Internal.maxWithoutEvent
#923 Wrong semantics of binding equation for parameters with fixed=false in MSL
#944 Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Examples.Constraints.*
#945 Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Examples.Loops.Fourbar2 is overconstrained at initialisation
#956 possible wrong array size in Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Visualizers.Colors.ColorMaps.jet
#1002 MultiBody.Joints.Constraints.UniversalJoint uses == on Real
#1037 Different units in output 'w' and internal sensoroutput 'w' in BasicAbsoluteAngularVelocity
#1113 MultiBody.Parts.FixedRotation: Input possible in disabled menu MultiBody.Parts.FixedRotation: Minor issue fixed that allowed inputs in disabled menu depending on RotationType
#1116 Warning from jointRRR Initialisation of jointRRR corrected by adding a missing each.
#1144 Assertions of MultiBody.Examples.Loops.Utilities.GasForce2
#1194 Non-backward compatible definition of external CAD shapes
#1200 Visualization of torus

Component: Mechanics.Rotational (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#615 What is the meaning of phi_nominal in Mechanics.Rotational.PartialCompliantWithRelativeStates
#701 Poor default values in PartialFriction
#821 Missing dialog annotation for Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational.Sources.Speed.f_crit Missing Dialog annotation added .
#876 Sensors should use sensible units/quantities as output rather than just real
#927 UTF-8 BOM in
#1162 Component defined twice in Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational.Components.Clutch

Component: Mechanics.Translational (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#446 Negative displacements of translational springs should be permitted
#526 Length parameters incorrectly declared as distance
#707 Wrong definition of "s" in Mechanics.Translational.Components.SupportFriction
#734 Wrong experiment annotation for Modelica.Mechanics.Translational.Examples.Accelerate
#840 Comment typo of Modelica.Mechanics.Translational.Components.Brake
#873 Modelica.Mechanics.Translational.Components.ElastoGap c and d parameters need types Enhanced ElastoGap parameters by usage of SIunits.
#1121 Bad modeling in Modelica.Mechanics.Translational.Examples.HeatLosses?
#1156 reinit in MassWithStopAndFriction is in algorithm section which is no longer allowed Rewrote model MassWithStopAndFriction so that reinit is used in an equation and not in an algorithm section (which is no longer allowed in Modelica 3.2 rev 2)

Component: Media (58 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#139 fluidConstants.triplePointXxxx are declared but not set for ideal gases
#179 Include inverse annotation for Media T_phX functions
#397 Ask for adding function isentropicEnthalpy in Media MoistAir
#482 Modelica.Media.Air.MoistAir leads to illegal Modelica lookup!
#488 spliceFunction is used from the builtin environment but is not defined in the Modelica Specification!
#505 Illegal modification of inherited element in Modelica.Media.Water.WaterIF97_base
#530 Wrong description for reference_s in PartialLinearFluid
#539 Invalid examples in Modelica.Media
#547 WaterIF97: allow p<p_triple in region 2
#557 Illegal redeclare of non-replaceable parameter standardOrderComponents in Modelica.Media
#564 Regularization of cp/h_pTX_der
#580 Unknown annotation `InlineNoEvent` present in MSL - remove or specify?
#595 Missing "replaceable" declaration
#600 Specific internal energy in PartialSimpleIdealGasMedium
#625 Syntax errors in Modelica Standard Library
#631 Error discovered in Essothermal oil viscosity
#640 Use of protected classes in MSL (2)
#691 Problem with implementation of setState functions in Media.IdealGases.Common.MixtureGases
#692 Global integer constant for thermal conductivity calculation method in gas media
#710 Bug in Modelica.Media.Examples.MixtureGases?
#731 Use of partial package SingleGasNasa
#732 Modification of FluidLimits record
#735 Modification of FluidLimits record required
#792 Wrong assert for region 2 of IF97
#794 molarMass in PartialTwoPhaseMedium is partial
#798 dtofph3 has logic error
#806 Incompressible medica functions lack derivative annotations Improved Modelica.Media.Incompressible with analytic derivatives
#818 output of saturationTemperature_derp should be of type DerTemperatureByPressure
#890 Missing argument to Internal.solve
#903 velocityOfSound and isentropicExponent in ideal Gases lacking annotation on being differentiable
#924 MolarMass instantiated from a partial package
#950 Modelica.Media.Air.MoistAir.isentropicEnthalpy not working
#952 Modelica.Media.Air.MoistAir.isentropicEnthalpyApproximation not working
#964 Corrupted WaterIF97 medium models basing on WaterIF97_fixedregion
#995 waterBaseProp_pT contains undefined outputs
#1017 Fix usage of GenerateEvents and Inline annotations in Modelica.Fluid
#1040 Inconsistent treatment of event generation and phase output in Water model
#1041 Undeclared function "LogVariable()" used in IF97_Utilities Removed use of undeclared function LogVariable from Modelica.Media.Water.IF97_Utilities.BaseIF97.Inverses.dofpt3
#1053 Moving test models from Modelica.Media to ModelicaTest Moved test models from Modelica.Media to ModelicaTest
#1055 Base class FluidConstants is replaceable
#1069 Type error in Media.Air.SimpleAir Readability of vector expression improved in Media.Air.SimpleAir
#1080 Model Modelica.Media.Examples.Tests.Components.PartialTestModel changed in a non-backwards compatible way
#1092 PartialMedium changed in a non-backwards compatible way Modelica.Media.Interfaces.PartialMedium: Choices definition re-introduced as obsolete element in order that Media are backwards compatible (has been previously moved one level up to Media.Interfaces.Choices)
#1093 MoistAir function argument names changed in a non-backwards compatible way Renamed function input arguments of two MoistAir functions to the names from MSL 3.2 for backwards compatibility
#1100 Should derivative=sublimationPressureIce_der be removed in r6326?
#1105 Inclusion of MoMoLib in trunk
#1106 Modelica.Media conformance to the specification
#1109 Combining different FluidConstants type in RealGasMoistAir is not possible
#1115 Fix description strings in Modelica.Media
#1122 Adding yet another Complex record seems wrong
#1130 3.2.1 Beta1 fails on MapleSim Parser
#1161 Error in Modelica.Media.Air.DryAirNasa
#1164 assert(true, "message") will never be evaluated
#1171 Validity range of dynamic viscosity function for ideal gases
#1187 Bug in calculation of thermal conductivity for mixture gases
#1209 Wrong definition of inverse annotation in T_ph of Modelica.Media.Incompressible
#1210 Specific energy u of Modelica.Media.Incompressible.Examples.Glycol47 is slightly wrong
#1217 Issues with ReferenceMoistAir (isentropicEnthalpy, Inverses.p_dTX

Component: Resources (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1141 Missing newline when printing to terminal Streams.print: Missing automatic newline after a call of print(..) added in Resources\C-Sources\ModelicaInternal.c

Component: SIunits (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#688 Add Complex Units (Magnetic)
#779 SIunits type for generic nondimensional ratio is missing New type "PerUnit" was added.
#795 Physical types in Modelica.SIunits should not have start, min, or max values.
#898 Wrong Modelica.SIunits.Conversions.{to_cm2, from_cm2}
#1192 Modelica.SIunits.ComplexXXX is wrongly defined as record, must be operator record

Component: StateGraph (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#353 Error in Modelica.StateGraph.StateGraphRoot annotation
#450 Unspecified boolean(x) function present in annotations inside StateGraph library.
#946 initial conditions for Modelica.Stategraph.Examples.*
#954 Capital letters for classes in Modelica.StateGraph.Examples.Utilities
#997 Misleading documentation in StateGraph.StateGraphRoot
#1208 Structural change makes discrete variable t_start continuous and then pre(t_start) is not allowed in initial equation section

Component: Thermal.HeatTransfer (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#830 Physical unit of Thermal.HeatTransfer.Celsius.TemperatureSensor.T
#949 Documentation of FixedHeatFlow and PrescribedHeatFlow
#1063 Correct docu-html in Modelica.Thermal.HeatTransfer.Components.Convection Html error corrected in documentation of Thermal.HeatTransfer.Components.Convection ("<" instead of "<")
#1073 Illegal use of conditional component in Thermal.HeatTransfer.Examples.ControlledTemperature Illegal use of conditional component in Thermal.HeatTransfer.Examples.ControlledTemperature corrected by replacing it with a non-conditional variable reference
#1125 Modelica.Thermal.HeatTransfer.Sensors in 3.2.1beta1 are not backward compatible
#1204 degF displayed twice

Component: UsersGuide (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#198 Name of components in MSL not according to naming conventions
#221 Convention Guide recommends obsolete tags for mark up and emphasizing
#610 Are functions allowed to start with a non-capital letter?
#896 HTML doc typo in Modelica.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_3_0
#1211 Different copyright notice

Component: Utilities (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#443 `readRealParameterModel` will fail if not the correct working directory is set
#639 Use of protected classes in MSL
#761 Wrong external declaration in getEnvironmentVariable
#831 Function findLast crashes when defining 'startIndex'
#1078 improvements of Modelica.Utilities

Component: _ModelicaReference (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#565 ModelicaReference contains removed operators
#670 Missing functions need to be added to `ModelicaReference`
#756 The homotopy operator is missing in ModelicaReference
#802 Add new standard operator `rooted()` to ModelicaReference Connections.*() operators were added to the ModelelicaReference documentation.
#988 Add new standard annotations to ModelicaReference New Spec 3.2Rev2 annotations were added to the ModelicaReference.

Component: _ModelicaServices (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#811 Synchronise version numbering of `ModelicaServices` and `Complex` with MSL
#919 Default implementation of ModelicaServices
#920 Remove variants of ModelicaServices and only ship the default version
#1172 ModelicaServices.Animation.Surface should extend Modelica.Utilities.Internal.PartialModelicaServices.Animation.PartialSurface Added missing extends clause to ModelicaServices.Animation.Surface

Component: _ModelicaTest (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#372 Issue with ModelicaTest.Fluid.TestComponents.Machines.TestWaterPumpDefault
#437 Simulation of ModelicaTest.Fluid.TestComponents.Pipes.DynamicPipeWithNominalLaminarFlow fails1
#788 Update ModelicaTest library so it does not use ObsoleteModelica3 components Removed dependency on ObsoleteModelica3 in ModelicaTest.
#805 Continuous_InitialState uses wrong enumeration
#958 ModelicaTest.Fluid.Dissipation uses integers as enumerations