Spice Syntax

.MODEL MNAME DIO <Param=value>



Additional Information

More details can be found in the HyperSpice chapter in Extended Definitions for Advanced Users and Spice for Activate Users.

Graphical Representation



DCLMP 3 7 DMOD 3.0 IC=0.2

The D device is a junction diode.

N1 and N2 are the positive and negative nodes, respectively.

N1 is the Anode and N2 is the Cathode.

MNAME is the model name, AREA is the area factor, and OFF indicates an (optional) starting condition on the device for dc analysis. If the area factor is omitted, a value of 1.0 is assumed. The (optional) initial condition specification using IC=VD is intended for use with the UIC option on the .TRAN control line, when a transient analysis is desired starting from other than the quiescent operating point. The (optional) TEMP value is the temperature at which this device is to operate, and overrides the temperature specification on the .OPTION control line.

Diode Model (D)

The DC characteristics of the diode are determined by the parameters IS and N. An ohmic resistance, RS, is included. Charge storage effects are modeled by a transit time, TT, and a nonlinear depletion layer capacitance which is determined by the parameters CJO, VJ, and M. The temperature dependence of the saturation current is defined by the parameters EG, the energy and XTI, the saturation current temperature exponent. The nominal temperature at which these parameters were measured is TNOM, which defaults to the circuit-wide value specified on the .OPTIONS control line. Reverse breakdown is modeled by an exponential increase in the reverse diode current and is determined by the parameters BV and IBV (both of which are positive numbers).


name parameter units default example area
1 IS saturation current A 1.0e-14 1.0e-14 *
2 RS ohmic resistance Ω 0 10 *
3 N emission coefficient - 1 1.0
4 TT transit-time sec 0 0.1ns
5 CJO zero-bias junction capacitance F 0 2pF *
6 VJ junction potential V 1 0.6
7 M grading coefficient - 0.5 0.5
8 EG activation energy eV 1.11 1.11
9 XTI saturation-current temp. exp - 3.0 3.0
10 KF flicker noise coefficient - 0
11 AF flicker noise exponent - 1
12 FC coefficient for forward-bias depletion capacitance formula - 0.5
13 BV reverse breakdown voltage V infinite 40.0
14 IBV current at breakdown voltage A 1.0e-3
15 TNOM parameter measurement temperature °C 27 50