record TwoPhaseTransportProps "Defines properties on both phase boundaries, needed in the two phase region"
    extends Modelica.Icons.Record;

    SI.Density d_vap "Density on the dew line";
    SI.Density d_liq "Density on the bubble line";
    SI.DynamicViscosity eta_vap "Dynamic viscosity on the dew line";
    SI.DynamicViscosity eta_liq "Dynamic viscosity on the bubble line";
    SI.ThermalConductivity lam_vap "Thermal conductivity on the dew line";
    SI.ThermalConductivity lam_liq "Thermal conductivity on the bubble line";
    SI.SpecificHeatCapacity cp_vap "Cp on the dew line";
    SI.SpecificHeatCapacity cp_liq "Cp on the bubble line";
    SI.MassFraction x "Steam quality";
end TwoPhaseTransportProps;