record SaturationProperties "Properties in the two phase region"
    extends Modelica.Icons.Record;

    SI.Temp_K T "Temperature";
    SI.Density d "Density";
    SI.Pressure p "Pressure";
    SI.SpecificEnergy u "Specific inner energy";
    SI.SpecificEnthalpy h "Specific enthalpy";
    SI.SpecificEntropy s "Specific entropy";
    SI.SpecificHeatCapacity cp "Heat capacity at constant pressure";
    SI.SpecificHeatCapacity cv "Heat capacity at constant volume";
    SI.SpecificHeatCapacity R "Gas constant";
    SI.RatioOfSpecificHeatCapacities kappa "Isentropic expansion coefficient";
    PhaseBoundaryProperties liq "Thermodynamic base properties on the boiling curve";
    PhaseBoundaryProperties vap "Thermodynamic base properties on the dew curve";
    Real dpT(unit = "Pa/K") "Derivative of saturation pressure w.r.t. temperature";
    SI.MassFraction x "Vapour mass fraction";
end SaturationProperties;