record SaturationBoundaryProperties "Properties on both phase boundaries, including some derivatives"
    extends Modelica.Icons.Record;

    SI.Temp_K T "Saturation temperature";
    SI.Density dl "Liquid density";
    SI.Density dv "Vapour density";
    SI.SpecificEnthalpy hl "Liquid specific enthalpy";
    SI.SpecificEnthalpy hv "Vapour specific enthalpy";
    Real dTp "Derivative of temperature w.r.t. saturation pressure";
    Real ddldp "Derivative of density along boiling curve";
    Real ddvdp "Derivative of density along dew curve";
    Real dhldp "Derivative of specific enthalpy along boiling curve";
    Real dhvdp "Derivative of specific enthalpy along dew curve";
    SI.MassFraction x "Vapour mass fraction";
end SaturationBoundaryProperties;