block Nand "Logical 'nand': y = not ( u[1] and u[2] and ... and u[nu] )"
    extends Modelica.Blocks.Interfaces.PartialBooleanMISO;
    y = not Modelica.Math.BooleanVectors.allTrue(u);

    annotation (
        defaultComponentName = "nand1",
        Icon(graphics = {
                extent = {
                    {-78, 36}, 
                    {64, -30}},
                textString = "nand")}),
        Documentation(info = "<html>\n<p>\nThe output is <strong>true</strong> if at least one input is <strong>false</strong>, otherwise\nthe output is <strong>false</strong>.\n</p>\n\n<p>\nThe input connector is a vector of Boolean input signals.\nWhen a connection line is drawn, the dimension of the input\nvector is enlarged by one and the connection is automatically\nconnected to this new free index (thanks to the\nconnectorSizing annotation).\n</p>\n\n<p>\nThe usage is demonstrated, e.g., in example\n<a href=\"modelica://Modelica.Blocks.Examples.BooleanNetwork1\">Modelica.Blocks.Examples.BooleanNetwork1</a>.\n</p>\n\n<p>\nIf no connection to the input connector \"u\" is present,\nthe output is set to <strong>false</strong>: y=false.\n</p>\n\n</html>"));
end Nand;