Network Analysis (Waveform)

  1. Click Analysis > Signal Integrity > Network analysis > > .
  2. Click Select Net and select MCU_HOST_USB+ and click OK.

    Figure 1.

    Figure 2.
  3. You can set Frequency for the signal on Network analysis dialog and then choosing the U1-D25 as the Active Driver Pin.
  4. Click Device in the Network Analysis dialog.
  5. Check the connected components and pins to the selected net using the Device Model List dialog and click OK.

    Figure 3.
  6. Changing the Simulation times (ns) to 2 and Signaling time (ns) to 2 and then click Analyze.

    When the waveform analysis starts, electromagnetic simulation extracts the SPICE model for the selected net.

    The excitation source signal is applied to the net which is specified by the assigned pin model’s operating characteristics and the values defined at Input Signal and Pulse Period. When the simulation is done, the Waveform Viewer opens or exploring the waveforms.

    Figure 4.
  7. After the simulation, Waveform Viewer dialog opens.
    Result A: All waveform for TX and RX is displayed.

    Figure 5.
  8. Uncheck the CN2_2(i) and CN2_D3(i) to check for RX waveform. Right click and select Zoom all button.
    Result B: Waveform for RX is displayed.

    Figure 6.
  9. For checking the impulse response, uncheck all waveform and select IO_CN2_3.IMPULSE. And then right click and select zoom all.
  10. Uncheck all waveform, right click IO_CN2_3.IMPULSE and select zoom all to verify the impulse response.
    Result C: Waveform for Impulse response is displayed.

    Figure 7.