Machines with hairpin winding technology in standard mode


Two types of winding can be designed in Motor Factory: Classical winding or Hairpin winding.

The design of machines built with the hairpin technology and their export from FluxMotor to Flux2D are now available in standard mode.

Moreover, all the tests are also available with the corresponding HyperStudy connectors which can be provided for optimization.

Here is the home page below, for designing both classical and hairpin winding.

The main principles of GUI are similar in both kind of windings, classical and hairpin.

As for a classical winding, dedicated section help users to define the winding architecture, the coil, the electrical insulations, the end-winding, and the potting.

WINDING design area – Area dedicated to Hairpin winding topology – In standard mode

Tests are available for computing performance of machines with hairpin winding topology Motor Factory – TEST area

Optimisation of machines with hairpin winding topology is possible – Motor Factory – EXPORT area

This new functionality is available for Synchronous Machine with Permanent Magnets (SMPM) – inner rotor, Reluctance Synchronous Machine (RSM) – inner rotor and Induction Machine with Squirrel cage – Inner rotor.