A new application “Script Factory” in standard mode

The application “Script Factory” has been entirely rebuilt. From now on, it will be available in standard mode with a new user-friendly editor for driving the FluxMotor via python script files.

Note that this modification is due to an evolution of our software architecture to get even more reliability, robustness, and performance.

The Script Factory – A new workspace organization
1 Buttons for actions on files currently edited (Edit, Store, Undo, Redo)
2 Actions for operating on available files
3 Buttons to Run or Stop the execution of a python file
4 Access to the files to be edited (Scripts workspace). Python files are well identified and visualized.
5 Editor area to display the selected python file

The Script Factory – User help guide and glossary of commands for helping the users
1 Actions available in a drop-down menu
2 Help link to reach the user help guide dedicated to the Script Factory
3 Buttons to open the glossary of FluxMotor commands
3' Html files in which are displayed all the available commands for each FluxMotor application