Improvement of the test Characterization / Model/Maps for SMPM

The aim of the test “Characterization - Model - Motor - Maps” is to give 2D maps in Jd-Jq plane for characterizing the 3-Phase synchronous machines with permanent magnets.

These maps allow predicting the behavior of the electrical rotating machine at a system level.

In this test, engineers will find a system integrator and / or control-command tool adapted to their needs and able to provide accurate maps ready to be used in system simulation software like Activate or PSIM.

Performance of the machine in steady state can be deduced from the results obtained in this test in association with the drive and control mode to be considered.

Options have been added to compute and display 1, 2 or 4 quadrants

Export / System LUT (Activate or PSIM) has been updated for exporting data based on 1, 2 or 4 quadrants

Among the standard inputs, the operating quadrants can be selected.

This allows defining the quadrants in the Jd-Jq plane, where the test will be carried out.

By default, the only considered quadrant is the 2nd one (i.e., the grid is only defined for negative values of the current in the d axis and positive one in the q axis). This corresponds to the motor mode.

The other possible values for this input are: “2nd and 3rd “, “1st and 2nd “and “all”.

Characterization / Model / Maps for SMPM - New user’s inputs to select the operating quadrants.

Illustrations with few examples of map displaying:

D-Axis flux linkage, D-Axis dynamic inductance in the Id-Iq area

Iron losses in the Id-Iq area
Note: Maps can be displayed depending on the magnet temperature, and the rotor speed when relevant.