Auto generating the HyperStudy Study in HyperStudy Application

The aim of this export from FluxMotor to HyperStudy is to build a connector, allowing Altair® HyperStudy® to drive Altair® FluxMotor® for performing motor optimizations based on the computation processes embedded into FluxMotor®.

To finalize this operation from FluxMotor, two buttons are now available:

The first button (1) allows to launch HyperStudy directly and automatically, build and load the connector to perform the optimization.

The second button (2) allows to build the connector.

A new button (1) allows to launch HyperStudy, directly and automatically, with the connector ready to be used for optimization

When one clicks on this button (1), HyperStudy is automatically opened, with the connector built by FluxMotor uploaded.

The studies can be initialized and run immediately in HyperStudy. The input variables as well as the output responses that have been selected in FluxMotor are automatically identified and uploaded.

HyperStudy is opened with the input variables and the output responses ready to be defined

Performing an optimization with HyperStudy is just a click away from FluxMotor.

Once the definition of the HyperStudy project done, the studies can be performed