Highlights of the new version

  1. New tests for induction machines with squirrel cage
    • Computation and displaying of characterization model maps
    • Computation of the efficiency map with scalar control command
  2. Machines with hairpin winding technology are available in standard mode
    • Synchronous machine with permanent magnets
    • Reluctance synchronous machine
    • Induction machine with squirrel cage
  3. All the tests are available for machines with hairpin winding technology
    Note: The corresponding HyperStudy connectors can be provided for optimization
  4. Improvement of the test Characterization / Model/Maps for SMPM
    • Options have been added to compute and display 1, 2 or 4 quadrants
    • Export / System LUT (Activate or PSIM) has been updated for exporting data based on 1, 2 or 4 quadrants
  5. New export from FluxMotor to Flux2D / FEMT for computing efficiency map with transient application
  6. Further new functions
    • Auto generating the HyperStudy Study in HyperStudy Application
    • Solid conductors can be used for machines with skewed topologies (Rotor or Stator), for computation with FluxMotor or while exporting project to Flux Skew.
    • The model periodicity (in the back end of Motor Factory) can be considered when the coils, represented with solid conductors are twisted.

FluxMotor 2022.3 – Highlights