Induction machines – Motor Factory – Test environment

Error while testing and / or Exporting to Flux Skew

Sometimes, solving tests or exporting projects to Flux Skew is not allowed when solid conductors (wires) are represented in all phases and the test or export requires an initialization performed in Steady State AC application. This occurs whatever is the winding type (Classic or hairpin). This mainly concerns IMSQ machines for Working Point - U,f,N.

This will be fixed for the next version (ref.: FXM-15499).

Power balance of No-load working point

Sometimes, computation of No-load working point (slip=0.1%) leads to a NaN (Not a Number) result. The computed amount of iron losses is not consistent with the power balance (ref.: FXM-12600).

Torque slip curve

Test results are not continuously consistent over a torque slip curve. This occurs with the test Performance mapping T(Slip) - induction machines with skewed squirrel cage. When the user targets a working point as an added value to be computed with the whole Torque-slip curve, sometimes this additional working point doesn't belong to the curve (ref.: FXM-12599).