1. Introduction

Two buttons give access to the following setting definition: Thermal and Mechanics. Each kind of settings is briefly defined here. For more details, please refer to the document: MotorFactory_2022.1_SMRSM_IR_3PH_Test_Introduction – sections dealing with settings.

2. Thermal settings

In the thermal settings you have two main possible choices:

  • You can define the temperatures of the winding (into three locations) to define the physical properties of the materials needed to run directly the test without any thermal computation.
  • Or you can choose between two other ways to run the test: iterative process until convergence or a single iteration process to perform electromagnetic computation coupled to thermal analysis.

1 Dialog box to define the thermal settings.Buttons allow to choose one of the three thermal solving modes
2 The first option of thermal setting is to run the test with only electromagnetic computation without any thermal analysis. This option is the default one available for all the tests.
2a Dialog box that allows to define the machine winding temperatures to run test without any thermal analysis.
2b Temperatures of the machine winding to be considered for characterizing the physical properties of the associated materials.
3 Thermal solving mode with a single iteration between electromagnetic and thermal computations.
4 Thermal solving mode with iterative process between electromagnetic and thermal computations till the convergence.
5 Initial temperatures of the machine winding into three locations. These temperatures are used to initialize the electromagnetic-thermal process of computation
6 Definition of coolant temperatures to be considered: ·

External fluid temperature (1) · Cooling circuit fluid inlet temperature (when a cooling circuit is defined on the design side (2) )

  1. The external fluid temperature corresponds to the temperature of the fluid surrounding the machine. It is also considered as the temperature at the “infinite” for the computation of radiation from the frame to the “infinite”.
  2. The cooling circuit fluid temperature is relevant only when a cooling circuit has been added by the user in the design environment. In this case, this input describes its fluid inlet temperature.

For more details, please refer to the document: MotorFactory_2022_SMRSM_IR_3PH_Test_Introduction – section “thermal settings”.

3. Mechanical loss model parameters

A dialog box allows defining mechanical loss computation model.

For more details, please refer to the document: MotorFactory_2022.1_SMRSM_IR_3PH_Test_Introduction – section “Mechanical loss model settings”.