Model for Flux Skew environment

1. Overview

The aim of this export is to provide a python file which allows to get a full parametrized model ready to be used in Altair® Flux ® Skew environment.

In the current version models can be provided for static application or transient application in Flux Skew environment.

Three models can be exported to Flux Skew environment:

Application Model family Package Convention Model / Test
STATIC Without solving scenario Current source Motor & Generator Basic model
TRANSIENT Characterization Open circuit Motor & Generator Back-EMF
Working point Sine wave Motor I-Ψ-N
Note: These models are considered for inner rotor machines as well as for outer rotor machines.

2. Area to build and to export a model to Flux® Skew environment

Motor Factory – EXPORT AREA – Export model for Flux® Skew environment
1 Selection of the EXPORT area of Motor Factory.
2 Access the area in which a model for Flux® Skew environment can be made
3 Zone to visualize the overview of the selected model to be exported
4 Click on the tab to select the application (STATIC or TRANSIENT)
5 3 steps to build the model to be exported for Flux® Skew environment
6 Buttons to validate inputs and export the python file for building the model in Flux® Skew environment.

3. Particularities in building and to exporting a model to Flux® Skew environment

A user who wants to build and export a model to Flux Skew has just to follow the same steps and recommendations as with the function “FLUX 2D”.

The main particularity of function “FLUX SKEW” is that the “ Skew number of layers ” is an input that must be defined. Its default value is 3.

Even if the design of the machine is defined with “continuous skew” that “ Skew number of layers ” is necessary for Flux® to define the finite elements model in the Flux® Skew environment. A high number of layers gives more accurate finite elements computations. However, it needs higher computation time. For that purpose, the value 3 is a good compromise between accuracy and speed.

Motor Factory – EXPORT AREA – Export a model for Flux® Skew
1 Tab to define the initial conditions for the simulation process in Flux® Skew environment
2 Settings like thermal and mechanical conditions can be defined
3 User inputs dealing with the considered test can be defined
4 The tab corresponding to advanced parameters can be expanded.Advanced parameters can also be defined if needed.
5 Button to validate the previous choices