Advices for use

Advices for use

  • The number of slots can be chosen over the range [3, 2400].
  • The number of poles can be chosen over the range [2, 400].
Note: Our process for building and computations has been qualified over the following data ranges:
  • Range for number of slots [3, 90].
  • Range for number of poles [2, 80].

Working beyond these bounds is possible but accuracy of the results is the responsibility of the user.

A table representing a selection of combinations of number of poles and number of slots is presented below.

In this table the number of slots goes from 3 to 90 and the number of poles goes from 2 to 80.

To be noted:
  1. The grey cells correspond to combinations with a number of slots per pole per phase strictly lower than 0.25. These cases are not allowed by our process.
  2. The black cells correspond to forbidden combinations from a technological point of view.
  3. The numbers indicated in the other cells correspond to reduction coefficients to the resulting model in Altair Flux TM .

    For example, “1” means that the whole geometry is represented. “2” means that only half of the machine is represented, and “n” means that the n th of the geometry is represented in the Flux®

That also gives a general idea of the size of the model in Flux® software. Higher value gives the reduction coefficient and faster computation for a given motor.

Combinations No. poles / No. slots