1. Presentation

Advanced Preferences Screen
1 The Preferences dialog box is opened from the supervisor.
2 Fifth tab is Advanced Preferences.
3 Altair FluxMotor™ User Level: Standard or Beta. By default, the user level is Standard.
Note: In Beta Level, features non-entirely qualified are available for testing.
4 Logger level: STANDARD, DEBUG, SEVERE.

Logger level represents the level of information given by log files provided by FluxMotor®.

5 Process of computation can be launched in Serial or in Parallel. By default, they are running in Parallel mode.

However, in case of a big model and/or if the computer does not have sufficient dynamic memory space you should select the Serial mode. In that case, the computation time will be longer.

6 Number of simultaneous « Flux.exe » running. This can help when the memory capability of the computer is limited.
7 Setting memory allocation: Yes / No.

In case of answer Yes the maximum memory allocation for applications can be defined by user.

8 Maximum memory allocation for applications.

It is recommended to keep default values as far as possible. In case of a trouble, consult our support team.

These fields are in write mode in the advanced user level.

9 Button to close the Preferences dialog box without applying the changes.
10 Button to apply changes and close the Preferences dialog box.

2. Warning

When the User Level is Beta, features non-entirely qualified tests which are available for testing.

In the current version, feature like the Scripting Factory is concerned by this mode.

Note: The hairpin technology is presented in a beta mode. However, it is available whatever is the user level mode.
Scripting Factory is available in advance mode