Duplicate a material

All the materials can be duplicated either from the reference material database or from the user materials database.

For any origin of the material (reference or user material database), the new material resulting from the duplication will be stored in the user material database.

Duplicate a material allows creating a new material from an original with another name. It is possible to modify (by editing it) the corresponding properties to personalize it.

Here are the ways to duplicate a material:

How to duplicate a material?
1 In any case, one must select the name of the material to be duplicated.
2 The first way to duplicate a material consists of using the right mouse button to expand the corresponding menu and then clicking on the function Duplicate.
3 The second way to duplicate a material consists of clicking on the Duplicate button in the area where several functions are located at bottom part of the user material database to manage the materials.
4 A dedicated dialog box allows finalizing the creation of the new material from duplication by giving a new name and writing a memo if needed.
5 The creation of the new material is achieved when clicking on the Duplicate button.It is also possible to cancel the duplication.