Manage a material

How to manage a material ?

Here are the main areas of the “Materials” application.

Zones of “Materials” application
Zone 1 Access to the system function:
  • Assignment of default materials
  • Export materials
  • Import materials
See more details on these functions below.
Zone 2 Presentation of the six material families available in “Materials” application.Selecting an icon will display the materials belonging to the selected family.
Zone 3 Reference material database. In each material family there are some materials which are proposed to cover the basic needs.
Zone 4 User material database. One user material database is available. All the materials created by the user are stored in the user database.
Zone 5 Area in which the physical properties of the selected material are displayed.
Zone 6 Shortcuts for displaying the corresponding section of the material properties.
Zone 7 Functions to manage the materials in the selected family:
  • New
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Duplicate
Note: In Motor Factory a material from the reference material database has the following prefix:

“REF.” Example: REF.M250.50A.

Similarly a material from the user material database has the following prefix: “USER.” Example: USER.M250.50A.

Selection of a material from the Motor Factory
1 Material stored in the reference material database (Prefix REF.).
2 Material stored in the user material database (Prefix USER.).
Note: In Materials application, the icons on the top part of the screen allow to filter the visualization of the available materials in the two databases: reference material database and user material database.

Selection of a material from the Motor Factory
1 All types of materials are displayed.
2 Only lamination materials are displayed in reference material database as well as in user material database.