Running EDEM in Batch Mode

EDEM’s command line interface allows you to run EDEM in batch mode without using the GUI.

This is applicable in the following cases:

  1. You have a cluster with limited display capability and want to do grid processing.

  2. You need to create batch jobs to run EDEM simulations.
  3. You want to develop advanced scripting for parametric optimization.

EDEM can also export data to a .csv file once simulation completes.

  1. Command Line Flags
  2. Command Line Examples
  3. Command Line Output


Command Line Processing Output

While processing, the EDEM Command Line outputs a row of numbers at regular intervals.

From left to right, the columns indicate:

  • Number of time steps.
  • Simulation time (s).
  • Processing time (s).
  • Expected time to process one second of simulation time (s).












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