Running Dynamic Domain from Command Line Example

To run EDEM Dynamic Domain from the command line, use the flag “--dyn” followed by the number 0 or 1.

  • --dyn 0 disables the dynamic domain
  • --dyn 1 enables the dynamic domain

This will run the Dynamic Domain with the following default values: 

  1. Check interval: 0.1
  2. Number of checks: 3
  3. Particle displacement: 10%

It is possible to specify the “check interval”, “number of checks” and “particle displacement values with the flags defined in the processing flags table.

An example of command line with the dynamic domain is as follows:  

edem.exe --console -i simulation_deck.dem -p 4 -r 2 -w 0.1 –g 4 -t 1e-6 --dyn 1 –-dyn-interval 0.15 –-dyn-check 4 –-dyn-disp 15

This will use a dynamic domain with: 

  1. Check interval: 0.15s

  2. Number of check: 4

  3. Displacement of particle: 15% of Rmin

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