Contact Model and GPU Device Compatibility

The Multi-Sphere solver can run on three different engines such as CPU, OpenCL, and CUDA.

The selection of the engine to be used will depend on the hardware as well as the settings in the simulation. The GPU engines (OpenCL and CUDA) can only be used when all models in a simulation are supported, otherwise if only some of the physics models are supported on the GPU then the entire simulation will run on the CPU. In order to understand which models take full advantage of the GPU engine, select the Solvers tab in the EDEM Physics Interaction section of the Creator.

Models Name CPU OpenCL CUDA
Base Models Hertz-Mindlin (no slip)
Hertz-Mindlin with JKR**
Hertz-Mindlin with JKR V2
Linear Spring
Hysteretic Spring
Edinburgh Elasto-Plastic Adhesion
No Base Model
Rolling Friction Models Standard Rolling Friction
RVD Rolling Friction (Deprecated)
Type C Rolling Friction  
No Rolling Friction Model
Additional Models Bonding (Deprecated)    
Bonding V2
Heat Conduction
Linear Cohesion V2
Relative Wear
Archard Wear**
Spray Coating
Oka Wear
Particle Body Forces Electrostatics    
Temperature Update
Saffman Lift
Magnus Lift
Schiller and Naumann Drag
Morsi and Alexander Drag
Haider and Levenspiel Drag
Ganser Drag

** An experimental equivalent of this model is available in Options > Additional Components > Enable Experimental Contact models.

If an API model is written with the GPU API (API code includes the relevant OpenCL/CUDA file) the status of the GPU Solver Mode will change from CPU Solver to GPU Solver. Contact Chaining for GPU API is supported however only 1 plug-in model is supported at the same time, if the API is a Base Contact Model no further in-built base contact model should be added to the simulation.

See the Simulator documentation for more information on the GPU Solver.

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