Importing Custom Field Files

EDEM can import field data from a simple custom text file.

The files are in the following format: 

Line Description
1 Filename or description (such as the field name).
2 Data dimension: 3 for 3D or 2 for a 2D plane. For a 2D plane, the data exists in one plane and is extruded along one dimension to fill the 3D domain in EDEM. For example, X and Y values vary but the Z value is the same for all points.
3 Element type: 0 for scalar data, 1 for vector data.
4 Number of points. 0 indicates an unknown number.
5-n The dataset itself, where each line contains a set of coordinates and data values, separated by spaces.
The attributes are Compressive Force, Pressure, Torque, Total Force, or Velocity. Selected geometry or geometries will all be colored based on their element attributes.

The resolution of the coloring depends on the geometry Mesh resolution:
2D Vector: X Y dx dy
3D Vector: X Y Z dx dy dz
2D Scalar: X Y s
3D Scalar: X Y Z s

Example Custom Field File





-0.240000 -0.237500 -0.750000 0.040000 0.000000 0.000700

-0.250000 -0.237500 -0.750000 0.050000 0.000000 0.000700

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