Importing Field Data

You can import field data from an industry-standard CGNS file or from a custom text file.

When using CGNS, you can select multiple files at the same time to speed up importing.

  • CGNS (CFD General Notation System) is a file-format supported by FLUENT and many other CFD applications.
  • EDEM can also import field data from a simple custom text file.

Importing field data into EDEM

  1. On the Creator Globals tab, click Field Data Manager.
    The Field Data Manager is displayed.
  2. Click the + icon and then navigate to the file containing the field data.
  3. If necessary, double-click to edit the field’s name or for 2D fields, select from the picklist to change its orientation. Use the X icon to delete any fields you may not need. You can select multiple fields with the Shift and Ctrl keys.
  4. Repeat for any other fields you want to import. Click Close when finished.

By default, imported fields are not displayed in the Viewer Window. To display a field in the Creator, select the relevant field from the dropdown and select the Display Field checkbox.

Scalar fields are displayed in the viewer as points in 3D space. Vector fields are displayed as arrows,the color and scale of the field can also be modified. The Analyst documentation has further information on post-processing. options for Field Data.






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