The Wet Mixing Model 

The Wet Mixing model allows particles with moisture content (defined in the factory settings) to be added to a simulation.

The wet mixing model is an experimental model added to EDEM. To add access, go to Tools > Options > Solver Options > Experimental Contact Models.

This model is aimed at cement applications as the moisture can be transferred to drier particles while mixing. The level of moisture in the model alters the interaction behavior of the particles.

This is an experimental model.

The Wet Mixing model has the following inputs:

Input Description
Minimum Relative Distance Lower-bound for how close two surfaces can be. Due to surface roughness, this is expressed as a percentage in decimal form.
Surface Tension Based on the liquid which is being represented and can be found in engineering databases.
Wetting Angle Indicates the angle where the surface meets the liquid.

This model is based on Krezner 2015.

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