Adding a Polyhedral Particle Shape

A Polyhedral particle is defined either by using one of the default polyhedral particle shapes or by an imported CAD geometry. 

Select Add Polyhedral to create a new Polyhedral particle in the Creator window. The Polyhedral solver supports convex polygons either defined using the EDEM polyhedral shape library or an imported CAD geometry. Switching from Multi-Sphere to polyhedral particles is only supported at Time Step 0s.

Adding Default Polyhedral Particle Shapes

In the Particle menu, you can define the shape of the particle called Cuboid, Triangular Pyramid, Prism, or CAD Geometry.

To change a particle shape once a particle has been defined, select the particle name and in the shape (gray box), select Modify Shape.

The three default particle shapes are now available to select.


The Cuboid's length - X,Y, and Z components can be defined.


The Prism's Length, Radius, and number of Sides can be defined.

Triangular Pyramid

The Height and Base radius of the Triangular Pyramid can be defined

Importing Custom Particle Shapes

Select Import Custom Particle Shape to select a CAD geometry to import as a particle shape.

The geometries can only be convex and will be centered based on their center of mass when Calculate Properties is selected.

You can modify the particle size by changing the size distribution under Size Distribution.

Calculating Particle Properties

The mass of the particle will be calculated using the volume of the particle geometry if the shape has been selected in particle properties.

The Mass, Volume, and Moments of Inertia can also be defined manually using the User defined option.

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